Kalman Brattman Welcomes You!
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Kalman Brattman official site of
Kalman Brattman's Webville

Kalman Brattman officially is here

population ... 13
Where is Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman?
How is
Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman?
What is
Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman, Kalman Brattman up to?

This Way to Webville
Kalman Brattman's resortKalman Brattman's resort


With the shuttle...
Kalman Brattman saw the Apollo Re-entry on TV

Kalman Brattman: Welcome in Webville!

Webville is a small town, down the Cyberway
just before you get to the Cosmic Sea.

It has been inundated by the CyberSuperHighway. The small town is slowly being morphed into a new CyberCity and losing it's traditional genes. The big guys are moving in, but Webhead keeps on building the old fashioned way with writing code and drawing each graphic by hand for all of his customers. This way he has a closer relationship with each client and can give them what they want instead of just kicking the sites out with a bunch of brew-ha-ha!

Visit the little places and if you have to, go ahead and take a peak in The WebFactory who churns out Webpages 24 hours a day in this new code and even has moving parts! Go figure!

Is this Kalman Brattman? Nope.

We here all love Kalman Brattman
(we have to, no question about that...)

For Kalman Brattman

 LISTEN .... LISTEN ....
Everything that you want to know about Kalman Brattman
is right here in Webville.

The webman of Webville is, yes, you guessed,
no other than Kalman Brattman himself!!!

Kalman Brattman likes emails
Come and Visit us. By Appointment only.

Kalman Brattman, left sideKalman Brattman, right side

Every visitor coming here is thoroughly checked.
We use the famous
Kalman Filters.
They are famous, and they are in use.
Kalman Brattman likes them,
and that is the only thing that you need to know.

What is a Kalman Filter? --you may ask or may not.
If you ask however, the answer you will find it
by Googling 'Kalman Filters' of course.
Learn as much as possible about the subject.
In short, be prepared and see this that Kalman Brattman likes:
Kalman Filtering in Chandra Aspect Determination

Kalman Brattman
 Kalman is everywhere ...
above and below ...
Kalman Brattman likes Kalman &Co.

and even in the outer space ... He likes to look at THE MOON

Kalman Brattman likes to look at The Moon
by Bobbie Kalman

Here one can find
Details of the Kalman Smoother Maths
and the
Matlab code for the Kalman filter
the KALMTOOL toolbox


Fashion and Humor is a big thing in Kalman Brattman's Universe,
so be prepared.
Kalman Brattman's fashion
This book is
an incredibly colorful and vibrant collection of pictures
that capture the expressive qualities of human dressing.
A must, as recommended by Kalman Brattman himself.

The Theory and Study of Fashion Elements - from Kalman Brattman

Kalman Brattman's Mad Humor

Mad Therapy Online Network - of Kalman Brattman

Kalman Brattman's recent reading:
Kalman Brattman's reading

Recommended also for the little ones:

Bobbie Kalman's American History Series for Children

Kalman Brattman's newest read

Also Kalman Brattman likes Bobbie Kalman's China: The Land


And A Review of Kalman's History

And Tibor Kalman's "Perverse Optimist"
in now in paperback

Music is also a big thing for Kalman Brattman:

Kalman Discography at CD Universe

Kalman Brattman exposed

Kalman Brattman's type of music

Kalman Brattman's good music

Kalman Brattman's Connection
to Opera and to Chicago

Kalman Brattman's connections


Kalman Brattman loves Hungarian Dances

Kalman Brattman loves Hungarian music and dance
Brahms' Hungarian Dances


Kalman Brattman likes Kalman Radio
In God we trust, In good music we believe


Kalman Brattman likes Kim


Kalman Brattman likes this Art galery
Kalman's Art Galery


Emmerich Kalman Life

Kalman Imre Performing Tchaikovsky on Cello


Kalman appears to be everywhere ...
even in space ...

Kalman Brattman in space 

Interest In Finding Out more and more about Kalman Brattman is Growing

.Could Kalman Brattman be here?

Kalman Brattman

Kalman Brattman

Kalman Brattman

We noted these two webpages follwing the trail that are asking the same question:
Who is Kalman Brattman?
One, here in triplicate:
No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3
And the other, here
If you have found other webpages from the world wide web, let us know.
It is fun to know about the growing interest for Kalman Brattman
as here in Webville we like having fun, lots of it.
Hey, thanks for dropping by.

Not Kalman BratmanMaybe Kalman Brattman

Selected Book

Kalman Brattman's favorite

U&lc : Influencing Design & Typography (Hardcover)

by John D. Berry (Editor)

Book Description
U&lc magazine (Upper & lower case) was a defining voice in graphic design worldwide between 1970 and 1999. It was in some ways a lifestyle magazine for the desgin community providing a fascinating intersection of popular cultural and graphic design in the last quarter of the 20th century. The list of editorial contributors to U&lc is long, and many prominent designers worked on designing entire issues. Their best work is showcased in this book through the reproduction of selected covers, stories and illustrations from the nearly 120 quarterly issues that were published. This book also contains an introduction and four informal but in-depth chapters on the background, context, use of design and typography, and the people involved in making U&lc happen over the years.

More Selected Books


Kalman Brattman's favorite tomato
Kalman's Famous Tomato
a Favorite of Kalman Brattman

For Kalman Brattman

 Be careful !
It is kind of spooky here ... Watch yourself ... and
Make some room for our farm dancers ...

We are glad to see you here. Now it is time to say good bye!
Bye bye... 

A Smile for Kalman Brattman

 We always say good bye to our visitors with a flower ...
to feel good ...

Good to see  Y O U  here ....
You know, You look marvelous!

so long! 
Worry Doesn't Help Tomorrow's Troubles
But It Does Ruin Today's Happiness ...

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Out, Out ...

This way out... as we are swamped with visitors coming from the other end...

Now, this is the end of your visit. Please go away ...